Not a Writer

Writing is not my cup of tea. For me it’s just a way to give direction to my scattered thoughts. I’m not the poet you want to hear, not the writer you want to read — I’m just a wanderer. I don’t care if my writing seems very amature to you- infact it is very amature. I’m not a native English speaker.

I just want to write and write, not caring how it sounds like- just want to let go off my emotions. And when I do that i feel like I’m releasing the toxicity out of my soul. I feel lighter, brighter.

Sometimes I wonder how just mere words strike such a deep emotions within us. The first man who started to write must have been overwhelmed with emotions. Maybe he was trying to express through gestures but it was falling short of depth. Whatever might have been the reason, it must have boosted great ego in human to express the vast world in a few strokes of a pen. Few must have become so drunk with it that they became a full time writer,novelist, poet.

I just want a drop of that madness.

~ The Last Guy



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